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Apple “Honey”

Apple “Honey” – I looooove honey. I love the color, flavor, viscosity, symbolism, healing properties, the list continues for this beautiful food. However, it is not vegan, and when recipes require it, maple syrup is not always a successful substitute. I had read about another product made out of apples, and after seeing the most beautiful Envy apple today, I was inspired to give the recipe a shot! Technically, this is a thick syrup made of apple juice with a floral hint of chamomile. It is as gorgeous as it is delicious. The original recipe is from Living Vegan, with the addition of chamomile tea give it the floral quality of real honey. Presentation was inspired by a Martha Stewart Rosh Hashanah post from years ago. Honestly, apples do not make the best receptacles for this “honey,” but they sure are tasty to eat afterwards!

Original recipe here:

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