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Buddha’s Hand Kohakutou

Buddha’s hand fruit exploration – 4 of 4 – Kohakutou candy. I began this recipe first, and it took the longest to complete – 5 days to be exact. This Japanese agar candy is super fun: soft and gummy on the inside while crispy crunchy on the outside, similar to my sister’s favorite movie theater snack, Assorted Fruit Sours. After creating the base agar jelly, the grated fruit was folded in and set into a firm disc before punching out circles and cutting long rods. The fruit pulp compromised the clean edges I was hoping to achieve, but after 5 days of watching the exterior crystallize, I loved the organic feel as the candy shrank and grew in different places. Everything was given a small Midas touch of edible gold to make it extra special.

Buddha's Hand Kohakutou

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