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Shiba Inu Dangos

Shiba inu dangos filled with peanuts and sesame. My sweetheart is a proud parent of shibas (@shibarutx !) , and saw this dish posted by @sanaaaaaaaaat . They were so cute, that when asked to attempt it, I immediately agreed! I chose a recipe that incorporates silken tofu, because the end result is softer and chewier. Our main addition was a sweet and salty sesame peanut filling (muoi me dau phong), so we opted against placing the dangos on skewers to prevent the nuts from falling out. The black dough was achieved by adding activated charcoal, and the cheeks were dyed using fresh beetroot juice. We even made a mini Loki dango with the leftover dough (more eerie than cute, but hey we tried 😅). It was fun to form the different faces, and to watch it all come together once the mitarashi sauce was poured on top.

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