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Roasted Watermelon and Turnip on Matcha Rice

Roasted watermelon and turnip on matcha rice. If you’ve never had savory watermelon, now is the perfect season to try it! Juicy, smoky, and sweet, you’ll want to serve it on something that will soak up the beautiful flavors that developed during roasting. I have seen this plating style for ceviche, and wanted to try it with a different subject. For the rice, I had some leftovers in the fridge, so I made a concentrated slurry of matcha powder and water, and mixed it in with my hands to ensure even coating without smashing all the grains. I have to admit, this was pretty messy to put together, but such a feast for the eyes! I would have loved for everything to line up cleanly, however the tenderness and succulence of the ingredients would not cooperate.

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