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Raindrop Salad

Raindrop salad. Remember the raindrop cake? I already made one a few years back, but the crazy rain this past weekend inspired me to attempt it again – this time in a savory application! The raindrop acts as the dressing surrounded by a super green and leafy salad, so it is a visual play on the weather. I steeped some lemongrass in hot water to create a tea for the base, then flavored it with lime zest (acid in the lime juice would have affected the geling), sugar, salt, and agar flakes to solidify. Another fun addition to increase the translucent effect is super crunchy and cooling aloe! I had already prepped some for a refreshing beverage, so I threw a handful into the salad. The other ingredients were chosen for their color and texture. Everything got a final hit of extra virgin olive oil and salt. #vegan #veganrecipes #raindropcake #raindropsalad #spinachsalad #spinach #aloe #avocado #cucumber #agar #mizushingenmochi

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