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Tempura Green Tea Udon Soup

Tempura green tea udon soup. Not surprisingly, by the end of each week I amass quite a collection of vegetable scraps. They are kept frozen until I find time during weekends to turn them into broth, and I’m always pleasantly surprised by the difference in colors and flavors, depending on what I ate the previous week. While my Instapot worked its magic, I made a quarter of Chef Morimoto’s udon noodles recipe (thanks for sharing the recipe Ly!) – my only adjustment was to substitute half of the flour with whole wheat (I didn’t have enough all purpose flour), and include #matcha powder for color and fragrance. For the tempura, I kept it simple with sweet potato and perilla leaves dipped in a batter of whole wheat, tapioca, cornstarch and water. Chewy noodles in a yummy broth definitely make my tummy happy.

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