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Lemon Cakes (Game of Thrones Recipe)

Though I don’t watch Game of Thrones when I saw these Sansa lemon cakes, I had to try them! Thanks for the lovely recipe Nerdy Nummies! After making these a few times, the following are edits that I made to suit my preferences:

  • Lemons were sliced to 1/8″ thickness,
  • Increased simmering time from 5 minutes to 15 minutes,
  • I did not dry the candied slices overnight, because I found that this makes them very tough. I placed them directly into the muffin tray immediately after blanching, and after pouring the batter on top and baking, they remained very tender,
  • After baking, the lemon flavor in the cakes mellow quite a bit, so I kept the lemon sugar syrup in a squeeze bottle. After inverting the cakes post-baking, I showered them with a bit of the lemon sugar syrup to bring back some of the fresh and bright lemon flavor and increase their moisture.

Recipe found here:

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