Against The Grain Productions

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to producing films, media, programs and events that promote awareness and unity of Asian American culture, artistry and identity. One Voice. Many Stories.

Against The Grain Productions (ATG) functions as a traditional 501(c)(3) nonprofit…but with a twist. In the true spirit of its name, ATG finds unconventional, innovative and entertaining ways to promote leadership, positive identity, unity and artistry in the Asian American community; promote awareness of Asian American culture; give a platform to emerging Asian American artists; and provide inspiration to the community around us to think and act “outside the box.”

No one embodies our mission better than ATG President and Co-Founder Tammy Nguyen Lee. After learning about Operation Babylift, a 1975 U.S. initiative that airlifted more than 2,500 Vietnamese orphans out of her war-torn homeland, Tammy decided to give voice to these orphans’ untold stories through her award-winning documentary Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam.

Inspired to raise funds for similar orphanages in Vietnam today, she, along with her husband George and mom Aileen Nguyen, founded ATG Against The Grain Productions, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. Having a creative and artistic background, she found that the best way to raise money and awareness for this cause was through creative and artistic platforms that would most effectively draw the community together. As ATG blossomed, our board has extended our mission to include support for Asian American arts and culture, young artists and leaders and underprivileged children. Tammy and her family’s passion to help others has now become our official vision: One Voice. Many Stories. #beCAUSE

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